Ignorant Hate Mongers

Editorial published in Longview News Journal on August 17, 2012

By: Mike Schwartz

Apparently, there are a great number of people here in Longview that are “ignorant” and “full of hatred”.  This was the observation of a Ms. Pugsley here in Longview.  In the LNJ on 8/2, she was quoted as saying she just could not get over how much ignorance and hatred there was in Longview.  She said it upsets her.  She accuses Chick-Fil-A of putting money into “hate campaigns” to get people to live the way they want them to.  She said she does not care what Chick-Fil-A believes, but they don’t get to force their views onto my life.  She says that this is still America where people are supposed to be free.

So according to Ms. Pugsley, all you people that went to Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday 8/1 are racist, homophobe, hate monger, ignorant, gun owning, bible toting, right wing nutcase bigots.  You are guilty as charged simply by believing that a marriage is between a man and a woman.  Welcome to the world of radical liberal thinking – where you are to be ridiculed and punished for having a viewpoint that does not exactly match theirs.  Apparently the 1st amendment to the US Constitution provides the right of free speech ONLY to radical liberal viewpoints and not to people that have a Christian faith.

The sad thing is that conservative Christians have no issues with any gay marriage viewpoints being expressed by any individuals, business, or organizations.  Those that think like Ms. Pugsley, however, would like to teach you a lession and make you pay for your hatred if given a chance.  If you vote for Obama or the liberal Democrats in November, they just may get all the chances they need.

Editorial: Tommy Merritt Desperate

Tommy Merritt Desperate

March 28, 2012

Well, it seems that Tommy Merritt is desperate.  I suppose he’s trying to deceive the voters into thinking he is supported by “We The People-Longview” by placing his signs next to their signs.  We The People-Longview does not indorse ANY candidate.  It’s a little ironic and disingenuous for Tommy to want to seem associated with the Tea Party group when in fact he refused to attend a debate with David Simpson hosted by this group. Most candidates running for local offices welcome the opportunity to speak to this group and let voters get to know them, but not Tommy.  He seems more than willing to hide behind his signs, but when it comes to defending his stand on the issues to voters face to face, he’s nowhere to be found.  I guess I should have expected this kind of dirty tricks campaign from a career politician.

Gary Whitehorn

Longview, Texas


Submitted by Dennis Scharp

This is our time! This is our moment in time to make a profound difference!!!!

There is an article in the Dallas Morning News this morning which reads in part:

The latest Republican to surge in polls, Rick Santorum is trying to turn his new-found strength into something lasting.  But things don’t look so strong just beneath the surface. Santorum is underfunded and out-manned.He’s still lacking in organization, a month and a half into the primary season. And, after he won three contests in a single day last week, his opponents — on the right and the left — have begun their own efforts to tear him down.

 What this tells me: “We can take control of this election. We can let the Elite GOP Establishment know that it is “We the People” who are in control of how we are governed and by whom we will be governed.

 How do we do this? We donate. We volunteer. We activate our social media connections. We energize those within our circles of influence. For we Texans, this is our Battle of San Jacinto!!! It is the battle for our independence; independence from Marxist rule in these beloved United States. What is the unifying event for those of you in the other 49 States?

 If you have seen the film “Red Tails”, we need to take the spirit and emotion of those courageous Tuskegee Airmen.

That same “fire in the belly” of “To the last Plane, to the last bullet, to the last minute, to the last man; we will fight, We Will Fight, WE WILL FIGHT!!!”

Our mantra: To the last county, to the last precinct, to the last ballot, to the last vote; we will fight, We Will Fight, WE WILL FIGHT!!!”


Letter To The Editor by Don Radcliffe


This letter submitted to the Longview News Journal has not yet published as of 10-7-2011.


To the Editor:

Regarding your DANGEROUS OR NOT, THERE ARE OPTIONS article of Wednesday Sept 28, 2011 by Editor Richard Brack.

I found the article interesting in that you recounted a personal experience with a life and death situation where you were unarmed and had to defend yourself with sheer brute force of hand.  I question where you received the idea that “THERE IS ONLY ONE OPTION —when armed with a weapon—- SHOOT TO KILL.”  I am a firearms instructor with numerous credentials behind my name to include Concealed Handgun License Instructor, Private Security Guard Level 3 Instructor, and TCLEOSE certified Law Enforcement Range Instructor.  Out of my years of teaching and being a student to obtain these credentials, I have never heard of, nor taught “SHOOT TO KILL.”  I think this is a TV and or Movie term that have been misconstrued to include police officers or anyone that may be armed.  I teach SHOOT TO STOP THE AGGRESSION.  It is a fact that a person, who shoots at 100% on the range under non stress conditions, will shoot at only 40 to 50% during a conflict situation due to the physical and mental stress placed on them.  In my years of training and being trained, I have met only a few police or civilian shooters who shoot at 100% on the range, therefore the actual ability under a conflict situation is far less than efficient.  I have not known an instructor who taught me or anyone else that you should SHOOT TO KILL as that requires tremendous accuracy that the average person simply does not have.  Every instructor I know teaches SHOOT TO STOP THE AGGRESSION which means hit the bad guy anywhere you can that will hopefully immobilize them.  If the first shot does not STOP THE AGGRESSION then fire a second and continue until the threat has been neutralized.

Don Radcliffe

Longview, Texas

Letter to the Editor by Mike Schwartz

Suspending Disbelief

Article for the LNJ Editorial Page Forum dated July 24, 2011

I recently read an article in the LNJ from Jason Embry about how Joe Straus, speaker of the Texas House, has “stood up to a mob” in the recent Legislative session.  It was typical babble from a committed liberal who writes hack editorial pieces for one of the most liberal newspapers this side of San Francisco.  The point of his writings was that Straus was a hero, and the villains were the dastardly Tea Party idiots that he despises so much.

To quote a rather well known female Democrat US Senator from NY State – to agree with his facts would require “a willing suspension of disbelief” on the reader’s part.  In other words, you would need to be either a committed liberal, clueless, or of a mindset that is very accepting of numerous juicy lies to believe his facts.  Let’s just say that being a committed radical liberal would include all three and go with that.

Embry first lists how Straus calls the David Simpson TSA pat down bill an “ill advised publicity stunt”.  I guess both Straus and Embry forgot to include the 100+ other House members (including over 30 Democrats) that were co –authors on the bill.  The good ol boy J&J network of Joey and Jason must be right since the Tea Party people were really behind this anti groping bill.  Guess J&J like a government that can molest any and all travelers as much as they want.  Anything the Tea Party likes HAS to be evil and beaten down at every opportunity.

Embry then lists “an ardent group of supporters”, including “an advocate at a Perry book signing event” as the terrible force that made Rick Perry put the TSA pat down bill on the calendar for the special session.  This is code for those irritating, insolent, nosey, “don’t know that their place in politics is to just vote every 4 years then go away and let us have our fun running the show” Tea Party people.

Yes, how inconsiderate of those Tea Party people.  They actually want to be involved in the political process!  What is their problem?  Don’t they know that they and the rest of the people in Texas are just plain too stupid to understand what goes on in Austin?  Only the ruling political class in Austin and those self appointed elite newspaper people could understand this political stuff.  You Tea Party people are just in the way!

Suspending Disbelief
Page 2

Embry continues with his version of the truth by saving that ol Joey had stared down an angry mob this past January while crowning himself as “Mr. Big” or Speaker of the House.  However, the angry mob was those pesky Tea Party conservatives, not liberal union thugs like those that trashed out the Wisconsin Capital building this spring.

I assume that Embry sees the Wisconsin union thugs as “concerned constituents merely exercising their Constitutional right to show their displeasure with their government”.  The Texas Tea Party patriots, however, are merely angry mobs to be swept away by the elite political machine.  That was basically exactly what happened this January.

As the Tea Party people had predicted, the people of Texas got the shaft from Straus and the other political machine elites.  Texans were given a sham for a balanced budget, no ban on sanctuary cities, no meaningful immigration reform, and no TSA pat down bill.  There were also a long list of other conservative bills that were killed by Straus and his committee henchmen.  As the “angry mob” foretold after witnessing the political hack job in January – “it is as we warned you it would be”.

Well, Joey, your little elite kingdom will be no more come this time next year. The people of Texas will wake up and pay attention to what you have done, and more importantly, what you failed to do.  Mr. Wizard, your curtain has been pulled back.  The people of Texas see you for what you stand for.  Rest assured that the pesky Tea Party people will be out with facts and accurate information on how you rode rough shot over the will of the Texas people.  Even your ol buddy Embry won’t have enough smoke and mirrors to get you out of your fix this time around.

Sooner or later, the truth catches up with you.  It’s that sound both of you hear that is gaining on you each and every day.

Michael Schwartz

Editorial for the Longview News Journal

At the July 2nd Tea Party rally at the Longview Courthouse lawn, several “Code Pink” protestors showed up to present their point of view. These ladies carried signs and were in their trademark pink makeup. Code Pink is a very liberal group. Many of the Tea Party people at the rally went over and discussed politics with these Code Pink ladies. Both the Tea Party people and the Code Pink ladies were respectful of each other and their different viewpoints. This was a good example of reasonable people from each point of view having a good discussion of the issues. We would all be better off as a country if those in Washington and Austin would have the same respect for different points of view as was seen at the July Tea Party. Kudos to the Tea Party and Code Pink people for being Texas friendly.

Michael  Schwartz

Letter to the Editor from Mike Schwartz – Longview We The People May 7, 2011

I recently read the opinion piece by Ms Terri Hill about Texas District 7 Rep. David Simpson.  It would appear that Ms. Hill has overdosed on the Kool-aid.  The reality and facts that she so conveniently ignored in her “opinion” piece might be of interest to the rest of us NON Kool-aid drinkers.

First point – David Simpson is originally from Avinger, not Andromeda.  Just ask the Texas DPS people who issued his drivers license.  I can understand how you got them confused.  They sound alike, but are only about 50 light years from each other.  Minor oversight for a typical liberal.

About the school funding issue that you accuse Mr. Simpson of not finding the “necessary funds to educate our children”.  Did you know that the state of Texas is BROKE?  It is over budget for the next 2-year budget cycle by almost 27 BILLION dollars.  News flash Terri – the state of Texas is BROKE.  That means spending MUST be cut to match the income.  There is no “extra” money to give the Texas school system, which is by the way, the 5th LARGEST employer in the WORLD.  Yes, Terri, the 5th largest employer in the WORLD.  To a liberal, reality apparently does not matter.  David Simpson deals with what is, not what a fantasy world would like it to be.

Your 3rd point was that Simpson attempted to take the taxpayer funds from the Arts community across Texas.  Yes, this is true.  Remember that the state of Texas is BROKE?  Simpson wanted to use the available Art funding money to lessen the impact of the cuts to nursing homes, sick children care, and other state supported medical services.  Yes, Terri, he actually wanted to use what money was available to help the old, sick, and most helpless among us vs. using these funds to support putting on plays at the Belcher Center or Artsview.  Would you care to debate that point with Mr. Simpson? Continue reading “Letter to the Editor from Mike Schwartz – Longview We The People May 7, 2011”

Letter to the Editor from Dr. Keith Rothra

Dr. Keith A. Rothra

January 16, 2011

Longview News-Journal


 Re: Commentary by David Sawyer in your January 15th FORUM.

 Mr. Sawyer is wrong and not on the majority side of the issues.    He says our newly elected State Representative should observe new-member-of-the-House protocol and spend his first term observing.    The people of District 7 did not elect David Simpson to observe.   He was elected to represent us in Austin.

 Mr. Sawyer believes that the “good old boys” standard, resoundingly rejected in the 2008 elections, is the correct approach to politics in Austin.   He says that only senior members of the legislature should file bills.   David Simpson campaigned on filing certain bills and had the unmitigated gall to actually do what he promised his constituents.   (Incidentally, Senator Wentworth, as a Senator, is unable to file a bill in the House, and Representative Simpson’s bill will need a companion sponsor in the Senate.   Senator Wentworth was not outflanked nor otherwise disrespected by Simpson.)

 “Be seen and not heard” is archaic and clearly contrary to the wishes of Simpson’s district.

 As to voting for Speaker:  once again our Representative did exactly what he promised he would do.    Furthermore, in the two counties that comprise his District 7, Smith and Gregg, Simpson’s party leadership voted 87 to 1 (two abstentions) in favor of either Paxton or Chisum.   There was only one vote for Strauss out of ninety.    Would Mr. Sawyer have Simpson ignore such an overwhelming mandate from his own constituency in the interest of following the “good old boys” rule?

 I am proud of David Simpson’s integrity.     He has done what he promised without allowing political expediency to compromise his word.     He was not alone; most East Texas House members voted with him on this Speaker race.   In District 7, we have a man of virtue representing us.

 Dr. Keith A. Rothra

Letter to the Editor by Mike Schwartz, Longview, TX



 The recent headlines about the results of the November 2nd mid term elections were pretty interesting.  The overall message was that Obama and the liberal Democrats in general TOOK A SHELLACKING this election.  I would like to correct this proclamation – the liberal agenda and their policies were absolutely butchered by the American people.  Here is a very interesting summary of the carnage left by this mid term election.

 The US House of Representatives saw the Democrats lose at least 65 seats.  They went from a 251 vs. 174 majority to a 239 vs. 186 minority.  The Democrats lost over 25% of their House members in one election!  This was the biggest gain of either party since 1938, or in the last 72 years.  Of this total, 22 of the liberals just elected in 2008 were fired, along with 9 senior Democrats – some with 18 years in the House.  Three were committee chairmen that got the boot. 

 In the US Senate the liberals lost 6 seats to make it a Democrat majority of 52 to 48.  The Republicans gained twice the typical number of seats usually won by the opposing party in the mid term elections.  In 2012, the Democrats will have 22 Senate seats up for reelection.  Many are in the solid RED conservative states this time around.  Can you say good riddance Senate liberals on November 6, 2012?  Expect the Senate to be solid Republican after the 2012 elections, possibly with over 60 seats for a conservative super majority.  Kiss your liberal ObamaCare and tax and spend policies goodbye! Continue reading “Letter to the Editor by Mike Schwartz, Longview, TX”


By Michael J. Schwartz, Longview, Texas

Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, Marxists, Obama supporters, socialists, and all you Kool-aid drinkers:

 We have stuck together for over 230 years, but the actions of you liberals since the 2008 elections have made me realize that I want a divorce.  The actions of Congress passing Obamacare simply broke the back of my tolerance with you people.

 I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations.  However, this relationship is now dysfunctional and has run its course.  Our two ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what’s right for America.  Therefore, let’s just end it on friendly terms.

Continue reading “I WANT A DIVORCE”