The below Letter to The Editor was published in the Longview News Journal on March 7, 2017.

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I’ve noticed a lot of chatter in the lame steam news media and on Facebook lately about having or not having town hall meetings.  The worse of this seems to be directed towards our East Texas US Congressional rep Louie Gohmert.  It comes from the same ol die hard liberals in Washington, DC –  this is now their cause de jour.

Louie has decided to not hold town hall meetings for the near future.  He says this is due to the almost guaranteed hostility, disrespect, and probable violence that the newly created “Trump-a-phobes” would be responsible for at any of his town hall meetings.  Balderdash you say?  Let’s take a look at the facts and see what the truth is.

The new “Trump-a-phobes” are now being directed by the old Bernie Sanders Socialist people in a group called “Indivisible”.  They are just another of the George Soros bought and paid for agitators.  This group has a “activist guide” on their website on how to act at a town hall meeting.  It does not say to be violent, but wink wink I think you get the message.  I base this on the past performance of past liberal George Soros funded groups – Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, violent college protests, etc.  They were all funded and organized by radical liberals and have violence, intimidation, and disregard of the law in common.

Remember the chants of the Black Lives Matter group – “Kill the Cops – Fry them like bacon.  What do we want?  Dead Cops.  When do we want that?  NOW”.  How about the riots, burnt out buildings, and assaults on the Police with the Occupy retreads?  Did you also miss the riots, trashed out businesses, and assaults on anyone with a Trump hat on the nations college campuses?  All done by the radical liberal left.  Pretty impressive record IF you are looking to terrorize people and use violence to get what you demand.

It would be a good thing if this “Indivisible” group was non- violent and respected the law – like the Tea Party did over the last 7 years.  Then a town hall meeting would have some hard questions for reps like Louie, but without expectations of violence and intimidation that the radical liberal groups have as their calling card in the past.  I will say that the local Longview area liberals, in my opinion and to their credit, do not fit into this “Indivisible” type of behavior.  However, a Louie Gohmert town hall meeting would bring outside radicals a running to cause havoc and probable violence.  To look at their record and think otherwise would be extremely naive. Louie is not going to put his constituents in this kind of peril.

The over 75% to 80% of East Texans who voted for Louie Gohmert say “Thank You Louie” for keeping our safety as your #1 priority.  You get almost 80% of the East Texas area vote FOR A REASON!

Michael Schwartz – Longview

Jesus Would Cry

February 23, 2015

I just read the article in the Saturday LNJ about the liberal Democrats stance on the Federal judge’s stay of Obama’s latest unconstitutional amnesty power grab. The liberals overall statements were the typical tripe of half-truths and distortions. What really got my attention were comments from Jose Sanchez about how “Jesus” would weigh in on this situation.

Here’s a condensed version of what Mr. Sanchez said: Jesus would NOT be cheering as children are broken up from their families. Jesus would also NOT be cheering as these illegal immigrants are sent back to the country they came from. All of this would make Jesus sad and his sadness would all be due to Conservatives and Republicans upholding the American immigration laws.

Well Mr. Sanchez – lets also ask if Jesus would be cheering the liberal Democrat Party’s absolute dedication to killing millions upon millions of completely innocent unborn babies here in America. Would Jesus also be cheering the liberal Democrat support for the gay group MAMBLA to be allowed to have sexual relations with children of any age? How loud would Jesus be cheering for the darlings of the liberal Democrat crowd – Occupy Wall Street? These people rioted in cities, looted stores, fought with Police, and tolerated rape in their “occupy” camps.

No, Mr. Sanchez, Jesus would be crying over these liberal Democrat core beliefs and activities. He would look upon the people that would do these activities and pray feverishly for their conversion and redemption. Jesus would not be party to being involved in a kings ruling and the people’s attempt to overthrow this unconstitutional ruling. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”.

If you find that these words sting in your heart, remember that you first broached the subject of how Jesus would react to Conservative beliefs on immigration. I also just asked if Jesus would be cheering based on the core beliefs of your liberal Democratic Party. The answer was incredibly obvious. The hypocrisy overwhelming. The shame and guilt self-inflicted.
Michael J. Schwartz
Longview, TX

Conservatives vs. Yes Men

February 7, 2015

I read the Forum article from John Coppedge about how veteran House Representatives Simpson and Hughes were recently left out in the cold for the “plum” Texas House committees and chairmanships. It seems that the area rookie reps Chris Pattie Travis Clardy did get numerous “plum” committee appointments. Simpson and Hughes did not vote for Straus as Speaker and the other two did. Speaker of the House Joe Straus then made these committee selections.

Mr. Coppedge implies that those that DID vote for “King Straus” got the “plums” and those that did NOT got the shaft. He further implies that you have failed your constituents if you did not do what was needed to get the powerful committees and chairmanships.

Here are some facts that shed a different light on this way of thinking. Joe Straus was elected in 2009 by 65 Democrats and 11 Republicans. The majority of Republicans in 2009 did not want him as speaker. He has since ruled the House with an iron fist and is no friend to the conservative movement in Texas. He has squashed a majority of the conservative agenda in the House while Speaker. He plays a dirty political game as Speaker and rewards his cronies who serve at his feet.

There is a scorecard on the voting record of Texas House members put out by 3 major conservative groups in Texas – Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Young Conservatives of Texas, and Eagle Forum. All are long time top-notch conservative groups. Straus has an average mark of 42, Clardy has a mark of 48, and Paddie has a mark of 53. All are F- grades on any report card. Hughes has an 87 and Simpson has a 92. Who do you think are the conservatives in this group?

It is easy to see why two Reps got the “plums” and two Reps got the shaft. Two are true conservatives who stand tall and vote truly conservative when the rubber meets the road. The other two are “yes men” for a speaker that has a F- conservative voting record and is still beholden to the liberal Democrats that elected him 6 years ago. He also keeps the House RINO Republicans in line with the big stick of his speaker’s money and influence.

It takes a true conservative to stand up and be counted in Austin. These qualities are not needed in a “yes” man who bows to the King on the throne. Sending “yes” men to Austin that flunk miserably on a conservative voting scorecard is what got this country in the shape it is in now. Representatives Hughes and Simpson deserve to be recognized for the true patriotic conservatives they are.
Michael Schwartz
Longview, TX

Letter to the Longview News Journal Editor

This letter has been submitted to Longview News Journal to be be published in the Letter to the Editor section. As of June 30, 2014 it has not been published.

The Founders Worst Nightmares

The group of men who founded this country and signed the Declaration of Independence had a very real fear of a future President that would do great harm to America. Their worst nightmare has come true with the current occupant of the White House – Barak Obama and his horde of Liberal Democrat henchmen.

Consider the scandals, cover-ups, government intimidation, outright deceit and lies, failed economic programs, and terrible foreign policy decisions that are the hallmark of the Obama years. Need some examples?

$1000 Billion dollars blown on useless stimulus programs, capitulation on Syria, spying on US citizens and foreign leaders, a disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, Putin laughing at Obama as a weakling, IRS intimidation of Conservative groups and the famous “lost” E mails and hard drives, Russia seizing Crimea and parts of the Ukraine, American vets denied treatment while Obama plays golf, less than 1% growth in the economy, lowest number of people in the workforce in 60 years, Afghanistan going down the tubes, Iraq already there with the ISES terrorists taking control, highest number of Americans on food stamps in 60+ years, much higher gas and food prices, huge deficit spending and a global warming hoax that will drive all prices much higher. Do you REALLY need ANY more examples of Obama’s attempted destruction of this country?

A President like Obama is what the Founding Fathers considered their worst nightmare. Their second worst nightmare was a news media that would purposely cover up the failures of an inept President like this and allow it to continue. The last nightmare they had was that the American people would be too uninterested in the failures of their leader and simply not hold him accountable. A triple nightmare that would have our Founding Fathers spinning like a top in their graves.
Michael Schwartz



Letter to the Longview News Journal Editor

This letter has been submitted to Longview News Journal to be be published in the Letter to the Editor section. As of June 30, 2014 it has not been published.

An Eye Opening Experience

A recent letter to the editor from a Jerry King, O.D. of Longview lamented about his experience at the most recent Longview Tea Party monthly meeting. We appreciate his attending the meeting and hope that he learned something about the politics in Washington, DC and here in Texas. Apparently, that was not the case.

Mr. King believes churches should not allow politics to be spoken in the church. He needs to read the US Constitution. It requires that the Government not force a State religion on the citizens. Unfortunately, he has fallen into the liberal lie of this “separation”. The liberal news media simply perpetuates this lie.

He also looks to believe in man made global warming. I would like to believe in it too, but I must have missed the intense debate on global warming with all the evidence on both sides fully presented for open and honest debate. Maybe a liberal can help Mr. King point me in the right direction so I can watch and evaluate the months long debate. There was no debate on global warming? Could it be just another liberal lie?

Another big point was about spending for increased defense and to help seal the border. Should not Tea Party conservatives be all for reducing the size of government spending? Good point until you lift the fog of the liberal glasses the news media has you wear. If having millions of illegal immigrants streaming across our border was good for our economy, why not just fling the border wide open and welcome all peoples of Mexico and Central America to the USA? Spending some money to fix a large broken water pipe in your house makes more sense than paying for water damage that never stops to accumulate.

Lastly, Dr. King tosses in the Iraq situation. We can agree that Iraq is a mess. He should also agree that Iraq was a reasonably stable place when Obama took over 6 years ago. It is a migrated disaster right now. The difference – Obama and his typical liberal policies.

We would like to invite Dr. King back to more Tea Party monthly meetings. Maybe with some more facts and information on the world of politics he will look past the fog of liberalism. After all, even an optometrist can be blinded from the truth if the eyes cannot or will not see.

Michael Schwartz
Co-Founder Longview Tea Party

Losing The Big War

Letter to the Editor by Mike Schwartz – Posted in the Longview News Journal on Thursday, December 12th



Obamacare and the Obamacare enrollment website.  I won’t even begin to discuss the train wreck that Obamacare is for the US economy.  I’ll just make a point on the Obamacare website that the liberal Democrats have forced down our throats.

Obamacare was passed on March 21, 2010.  The Obamacare website was launched on October 1, 2013.  That gave the liberals a period of 3 years, 6 months, and 10 days to make a website that simply worked as advertised.

On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked and America entered into WW II.  The Germans surrendered on May 8, 1945.  That was 3 years, 5 months, and 1 day after Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese surrendered in late August, 1945.  That was 3 years and about 8 months after Pearl Harbor.

Look at the numbers.  They do not lie.  The United States could win a global war on Germany AND Japan IN LESS TIME THAT THE OBAMA LIBERALS CAN MAKE A WORKING OBAMACARE WEBSITE!

Millions of men and women were mobilized and sent around the world to war.  Billions of rounds of ammo, hundreds of thousands of tanks, bombs, aircraft of all kinds, artillery, Navy ships, etc were built, deployed, and performed to perfection to beat the enemy.  An entire new air force and Navy carrier battle groups were build and launched in less time that it took Obama to make a working website!

A world war against 2 major enemies was won by Americans in less time than Obama needed to launch a $600 BILLION + website that does not work!

And you think these liberal Democrats are competent enough to run anything?  They would even screw up a 2 horse parade.  God help America as we are truly in need of divine intervention with this Obamacare train wreck that is upon us.

Michael J. Schwartz

Longview, TX


If Texas goes blue, boys shower with girls

Editorial by Michael Schwartz – Longview News Journal, October 19, 2013

The way liberals think is difficult to understand on a good day. Sometimes the true liberal philosophy just can’t be restrained and bursts out for all to see. As a perfect example of this, I give you California state law AB 1266. This law was sponsored and voted into law by the liberal California Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

The law mandates California schools to participate in “sex-segregated programs, activities, and facilities” in public schools based on a student’s gender identity. It takes effect Jan. 1.

Allow me to explain what this law means in plain Texas English. From grades K-12, if you are a boy who says you think you are a girl, then you are treated by the school as a girl. You can use all of the female facilities. You can follow a 3rd-grade or 12th-grade girl into the girl’s bathroom. You can shower with the girls from grade school on up to senior year in high school. Any boy who says he’s a girl can now play on the girl’s sports teams (showers after practices and games included too). To be fair, a female who says she’s a guy can then play football and shower with the football players too.

You read that right — any boy just needs to say he feels he’s a female and voila — instant access to the girl’s bathrooms, showers and sports teams.

This also works the other way around if some females want to check out the guys.

The ACLU and pro-homosexual groups support the new law. Who would have guessed that? I would have to assume that the NAACP and the California teachers union would also support this law. After all, these groups are 100 percent behind the Democrats so they must be happy with this new law.

Religious groups and other conservative grassroots groups are outraged. They are then labeled as homophobes, racists, and bigoted for their opinions. These conservative groups want to overturn the law but were told by the California liberal courts that they will need to wait until “someone is harmed” to file suit. Only liberals would allow young kindergarten-age girls to be molested before they are forced to defend their insane law.

If you think your children are safe here in Texas, you are sadly mistaken. Liberals are the same everywhere. Here in Texas, the liberal Democrats are making a big push to make Texas a Democrat-run state just like California. Your daughters or granddaughters will be the next to be forced to share showers with boys who say they think they are girls. Make no mistake; it will happen when the liberals run the show.

Your only hope is to be involved in your local conservative grass roots groups or tea party if you want to stop this from happening here in Texas. Don’t be involved and your children will pay the price when the Democrats take over. They have shown you what they are going to do when they have power. It’s your choice.

— Michael J. Schwartz is a Longview resident and occasional contributor to the Saturday Forum.

Playing Politics With Our Military

Sadly many of the cuts due to the government shutdown have been to our Military. The WWII memorial (mostly paid for by private funding) was barricaded off to prevent the Honor Flight WWII Veterans from visiting – most of them were visiting for the first time. And yet, the mall was open for an immigration rally with hundreds of illegal immigrants in attendance. Twenty six of our Fallen Heroes’ families have been denied death benefits; 3.8 million Disabled Vets could be denied benefits in November if the shut down continues. Satellite for our overseas military to watch NFL football has been canceled, military commissaries were closed. And the list goes on and on.  You can’t tell me that Obama, the Commander in Chief, was not aware of all this. Only after it was brought to the attention of the American people did he make attempts to correct some of these situations.  It is a disgrace to punish these men and women who fight to protect this country. Some will be killed in action, some will return with serious injuries. Is this the United States of America?

 To the people who voted for Obama and the liberals – are you proud of the intentional hurt and suffering they are inflicting on our military?

 To the men and women in our Armed Forces and to the families of our Fallen Heroes I salute you and thank you for everything you have done to protect our country.

 Cindy Schwartz

Longview, Texas

A Good Man…

I was thinking about how hard Louie Gohmert is working for us in Washington, DC.  I had forgotten what a good man Louie really is.

Louie stands up for our rights not to be trampled on by a radical liberal Obama government that is heck bent to take away our guns, read our E mails, and listen to our phone conversations.

Louie has our Christian values.  He understands the evil of abortion.  He knows the power of prayer and what a belief in a loving God can do for a person.  Louie is a good and honest man that can take the barbs of the lies and distortions the liberals love to throw out his way.

Louie has the vision to see the radical Muslim influence on the Democrats in power in Washington, DC.  He is willing to speak up about this danger while the liberal attempt to hide it behind their media smoke screens.

East Texas is truly blessed to have a good man like Louie represent us.  He shows the Washington, DC elite liberals what good ol East Texas conservative values are like.  The liberal take to these values like the Land of Oz wicket witch of the West took to a bucket of water.

Cindy Schwartz, Longview, Texas

Another Great Editorial…


I’ve seen a lot of malicious comments lately in the LNJ editorial section about Louie Gohmert.  The most recent was a classic piece of hatchet journalism published on Saturday June 8th.  This diatribe was right out of the “Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals” handbook.  Saul would have been proud after reading the article.

It appears that the Liberals here in East Texas (especially at Letourneau College and in Cartage) are just outraged at Louie.  What else is new?  The outrage appears to be based on Louie’s courage to speak out on the very real problem of Al-Qaida terrorists being trained to sneak into the US disguised as Hispanics.

It appears this really cranks the tractors of the liberals.  Can you imagine Al-Qaida being unhappy with America with Obama as President?  Would they even consider sneaking across an open border blending in with all of the other illegal immigrants?  With Obama in charge, I thought he was turning America towards the Islam way of thinking.  Do the Al-Qaida people not watch CNN and MSNBC to realize this?

Seems that Louie was to give the Letourneau College commencement address this past month.  A couple of current student liberals, along with about 0.0002% of the Letourneau graduates (and 1 Panola County Democrat Party VP), had a problem with this address.  They made sure they said all the right lies and half-truths recommended in their idol Saul Alinsky’s handbook.  From what I read, they covered almost all of their favorite tactics of half-truths, misinterpretation, and general baseless accusations.  Karl Marx would have appreciated their effort.

The libs also did not miss an opportunity to drag up a “dust-up” with the parking ticket thing in April.  Seems Louie got sideways with a Capitol Police officer over a parking space.  Can you EVEN imagine that a DC police officer might be a committed Democrat in a district that is 95% liberal Democrat?  What would be the chances that he would want to do a little “Alinsky” work on his own with a parking ticket?  Personally, I would find it almost impossible that radical liberals would even begin to think along these lines.  Your Obama government would also NEVER spy on your phone calls or E-mails either – right?

The real reason that the East Texas radical liberals just despise Louie is that he’s a good man that is willing to speak truth to power.  Obama and the liberals have declared Al-Qaida dead.  The liberals are spending our country and children into financial slavery.  They want to strip our country and children of any Christian values in our society and schools.  They want to come and take your guns – 2nd Amendment be dammed.  They will use the IRS to target Tea Party and Christian groups while embracing anti family and radical liberal groups.  They cannot get their way while Louie Gohmert has a say about it in the US Congress.

If you like your religious freedoms, your rights to own firearms, lower taxes and less spending, small government, and honesty about Al-Qaida terror threats then Louie is your man.  If you want the world according to Saul Alinsky, then vote Liberal Democrat.  The choice could not be starker.  Choose well, for your children and grand children will pay the price of your choice.

Michael Schwartz

Longview, TX

June 8, 2013