BREAKING NEWS: Government Shutdown Averted

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Tea Party members Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul blast budget deal as John Boehner claims victory. Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called the $39-billion slashing deal a “disappointment.” Millions of Americans expected $100 billion in cuts and “wanted to make sure their tax dollars stopped flowing to the nation’s largest abortion provider, and who wanted us to defund ObamaCare,” Bachmann said in a statement. Read more from NY Daily News.


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Speaker Aftermath: Texas Conservatives Can Adapt & Move Forward

Though often obscured, particularly during the heat of battle, there is purpose in all things. Though Mr. Straus managed to maintain his chair, the battle was costly.

Make no mistake, whether Joe Straus is Speaker or not, grass-roots conservatives are having an impact on politics and government in Texas. They’ve already forced a GOP caucus and an open floor vote. There will be a more conservative agenda going forward in this session.

What Mr. Straus undoubtedly does not have the power to do is to dissuade people from their distaste for “politics-as-usual”. Rather, he has effectively succeeded in upping the ante, ensuring that citizens will be ever more engaged in what takes place in our state’s capitol.

It is now incumbent upon Joe Straus to produce the conservative agenda that the Texas electorate demands. There is business to be done, the people’s business.

Yes, we must apply pressure on the system to induce change, but we must also work within it. Yes politics-as-usual must be rejected. Yes, frustration with our system is understandable. But at the end of the day, we have a Republic, a form of government in which we are reliant upon representatives.

To suggest that the 2011 Legislative Session is completely lost if Joe Straus is Speaker, or that the worthiness of any given legislator is based solely upon his vote for Speaker, is to over simplify the matter. Potentially, there are different nuances which effect the situation of each individual legislator involved in the matter. Besides, there is simply too much yet to unfold. One can do nothing more than speculate as to what will come out of the 82nd Legislature.

Ultimately, it is a conservative agenda that is of paramount concern, not any individual in a particular seat of power.

Many representatives are being threatened by activists with a primary challenge if they have voted for Speaker Straus. While this may prove to be a proper course of action, then again, it may not. Hypothetically, this is to say that if a conservative agenda suitable to grass-roots activists is adopted, and a given representative casts his vote for each and every one of these successful agenda items who in the beginning voted to retain Mr. Straus as Speaker, that representative should be run out of office.

To make threats that it might not be prudent to follow through on is to risk diminishing one’s own influence.

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Mega Vote for November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010In this MegaVote for Texas’ 1st Congressional District:Recent Congressional Votes

  • Senate: Cloture Motion; Paycheck Fairness Act
  • House: Telework Improvements Act
  • House: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act

Editor’s Note: The Senate and House are in recess until Monday, November 29, 2010.

Recent Senate Votes
Cloture Motion; Paycheck Fairness Act – Vote Rejected (58-41, 1 Not Voting)

The Senate fell short of the 60 votes needed to move forward on this bill that would require employers to demonstrate that any pay disparity between men and women is job-related and not gender-related. The future of the measure is unknown at this time.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison voted NO……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. John Cornyn voted NO……send e-mail or see bio

Recent House Votes
Telework Improvements Act – Vote Passed (254-152, 27 Not Voting)

The House gave final approval to this bill that would require federal agencies to establish and implement a telework policy. The president is expected to sign the measure.

Rep. Louie Gohmert voted NO……send e-mail or see bio

Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act – Vote Failed (258-154, 22 Not Voting)

The House rejected this bill that would have extended federal funding to states for long-term unemployment benefits. A two-thirds majority, or 275 votes, was needed to pass the bill under suspension. The future of the measure is unknown at this time.

Rep. Louie Gohmert voted NO……send e-mail or see bio

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The Obsolete Man

Most of you probably haven’t seen it, but my dad and I caught this episode of The Twilight Zone on This TV the other night and were amazed at how applicable it remains today. It’s absolutely great, so be sure to watch it and share it.

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