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Date:  Monday, December 1, 2014

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Longview First Church of the Nazarene
2601 H.G. Mosley Pkwy., Longview
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An Important Message for Battleground Texas…

Dont Mess With Texas An Important Message for Battleground Texas...
Texas Is Getting Redder, Not Bluer

In a new op-ed in Rare, IPI’s Dr. Merrill Matthews writes:

Oops! It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Haven’t the media and liberal-pundits been assuring us that Texas was on an inevitable march to blue statedom? Now Texas voters go and make them out to be a bunch of liars.

Democrats and liberal donors apparently believed the blue-Texas dream so strongly that they have been pumping millions of dollars into Battleground Texas, an organization founded by Obama campaign alumni that carpetbagged into the Lone Star State last year.

Surely, the media hyperventilated, this would be the end of red Texas.

Or not.

Texas voters have elected the state’s most conservative slate of candidates yet, even with a growing Hispanic population.

The liberal narrative went like this: the Hispanic population in Texas is growing. It currently represents about 38 percent of the Texas population and is predicted to reach 43 percent in a decade. Hispanics tend to vote more Democratic, which means that Texas will turn purple and then blue within the relatively near future.

Here’s the problem with that scenario: The Texas Hispanic population has been growing for decades. In 1990 it was about 26 percent of the population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And yet in 1990, Democrats controlled the Texas House and Senate and most major statewide elected offices. And Democrat Ann Richards won the governor’s election that year, taking office in 1991.

Today, Hispanics make up 38 percent of the state and a Democrat cannot get elected statewide for love or money (and there is a lot of the latter). You’d think that if Hispanics were turning the state blue—or would in the near future—we’d see some evidence of it now.

Democrats ran what they thought was their dream team: State Sen. Wendy Davis, an articulate female with statewide name recognition who became the face of pro-choice Democrats, ran for the governor’s mansion. And State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, a well-respected Hispanic female, ran for the lieutenant governor’s position, which in Texas is considered the real power behind the (governor’s) throne.

Democrats went into those races arguing they had a good chance. Their story changed as the election got closer, saying that as long as their dream team lost by less than double digits, it would be a clear sign of Democratic ascendency. But the Dallas Morning News cited Democrats on election day saying that if they lost by double digits it would be a devastating blow to their hopes for takeover. Both candidates lost by 20 points.

And while both won the Hispanic vote, the Dallas Morning News says Davis fell short with both Hispanics and women. Abbott won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote.

As Texas political commentator Wayne Thorburn pointed out in Politico, Texas Hispanics assimilate, intermarry with whites—Abbott married a Hispanic—and move to the overwhelmingly red suburbs. Plus they get jobs and want to keep their taxes low, and they get older. All of those factors tend to change how people vote.

But what about the women’s vote? Didn’t they buy that GOP “war on women” screed? Cari L. Christman, writing for the Texas Insider, explains why Texas women are turning away from Democrats. She notes that, “Only 360,473 women voted in this year’s Democratic primary, a dramatic drop from the 1.5 million who voted in 2008.”

Of all the Democrats’ dashed dreams on election night, one of the biggest disappointments had to be Texas. They had boots on the ground, lots of money, a believable narrative, great candidates and big hopes for a blue future—and Texas got even redder.

TED CRUZ: The Era of Barack Obama’s Lawlessness Is Over!

After the historic Republican landslide on election night, no one had more reason to smile than Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Why? Because it wasn’t just Democrats attacking him for his unbending stance on Obamacare, which lead to a temporary government shutdown. Instead, it was the Republican Party establishment, as they were concerned about the immediate poll numbers during the shutdown which could have harmed Republicans for years.

They were wrong, and Ted Cruz was very, very right.

Watch (above) as Cruz gave an exciting speech in Austin, Texas this week to explain why – with Republicans in charge of the Senate – the “era of Obama’s lawlessness is over.”

TEXAFORNIA: Is Texas Becoming Another California?






Texas Elections, Office of the Secretary of State


Eagle Forum: Illegal Voters May Decide Fate of Senate

ef org2a1 300x57 Eagle Forum: Illegal Voters May Decide Fate of Senate By Phyllis Schlafly

October 29, 2014

Control of the U.S. Senate is up for grabs on November 4, and illegal voters may tip the balance. Estimates are that more than 14 percent of non-citizens were registered to vote in the elections of 2008 and 2010, and that could now easily exceed the margin of victory in many tight Senate races.

Democrats typically win more than 80 percent of the votes cast by non-citizens, so votes cast by non-citizens produce a net bonanza of additional votes for Democrats. Democrat Al Franken won a Republican U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota by a margin of only 312 votes in 2008, and with the immense power of incumbency he is expected to cruise to reelection this time.

New non-partisan research by professors at Old Dominion University uncovered the shocking amount of voting by non-citizens, as published by the Washington Post last Friday. Their work did not choose sides in the debate over whether non-citizens should be allowed to vote, which Congress has already answered in the negative by sensibly limiting voting in federal elections to only American citizens.

This study concluded that voter ID alone will not eliminate voting by non-citizens, because voter ID does not require proof of citizenship, such as a passport or birth certificate. But that loophole is easily closed by requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, just as one must show proof of citizenship in order to obtain a passport.

Several states enacted common-sense provisions in order to strengthen voter integrity in this year’s election. The U.S. Supreme Court denied an attempt to block voter ID from going into effect in Texas, so at least the Lone Star State will be able to limit mischief at their polls in this election.

Other states are not so fortunate. Wisconsin passed a voter ID law that was upheld by the Seventh Circuit, but the U.S. Supreme Court then blocked that good law from going into effect this November.

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The Suffolk Resolves – Oct 2014

 The Suffolk Resolves – Oct 2014

By:  James Still

With British oppression escalating, leaders within Suffolk County, Massachusetts, approved nineteen resolutions.  The    Resolutions were carried to Philadelphia and endorsed by the Continental Congress.

“… the most sacred obligations are upon us to transmit [this new World]… unfettered by power, unclogged with shackles, to our innocent and beloved offspring.  …if we arrest the hand which would ransack our pockets… if we successfully resist that unparalleled usurpation of unconstitutional power… posterity will acknowledge that virtue which preserved them free and happy…  Therefore, we have resolved…

2.  That it is an indispensable duty which we owe to God, our country, ourselves and posterity, by all lawful ways and means in our power to maintain, defend and preserve those civil and religious rights and liberties, for which many of our fathers fought, bled and died, and to hand them down entire to future generations…

11.  … for the honor, defense and security of this county and province, advise… persons, be elected in each town as officers in the militia…  and that the inhabitants of those towns and districts, who are qualified, do use their utmost diligence to acquaint themselves with the art of war…

15.  … it is incumbent on us to encourage arts [trades] and manufactures amongst us, by all means in our power… 

18.  … we would heartily recommend to all persons of this community, not to engage in any routs, riots, or licentious attacks upon the properties of any person whatsoever… our conduct shall be such as to merit the approbation of the wise, and the admiration of the brave and free of every age and of every country.”  Journals of Congress, September 17, 1774

James Still,

“Last Friday Mr. [Paul] Revere brought us the spirited and patriotic Resolves of your County of Suffolk.  We laid them before the Congress.  They were read with great applause…”  Samuel Adams, Letter to Charles Chauncy, September 19, 1774

“This was one of the happiest Days of my Life.  In Congress We had generous, noble Sentiments, and manly Eloquence.  This Day convinced me that America will support the Massachusetts or perish with her.”  John Adams, Entry in Diary, September 17, 1774

Could This Happen to Texas?

With Michelle Malkin

“Liberty-loving Americans: You MUST watch our film exposing how a small group of wealthy liberals overtook Colorado. They used every scheme possible to impose a backward agenda and they transformed the place I love into a testing ground for their liberal ideology. Make sure it doesn’t happen in your state next!” — Michelle Malkin


Watch Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interview with
Michelle Malkin

You can order this DVD HERE ($6.99 for 1 or $9.99 for 2 plus $3.00 shipping & handling).



Texas Red 300x108 Could This Happen to Texas?

We The People-Longview Boletin Octubre 2014

We The People-Longview Boletin
October 10, 2014

 We The People Longview Boletin Octubre 2014
¡Qué no se olvide de votar!
El Día de Elección es el 4 de Noviembre, 2014.
¿Ya se está registrado para votar?

Toda la información que se necesita para votar se encuentra en:

Vea el video: Valores de Consevadores

United Americanos,

The path to success in America is through the vision of Constitutional Conservatives that believe in limited government as intended by our founding fathers to ensure individual liberty and greater opportunity. This vision includes lower taxes, free-market capitalism, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and a strong national defense. United Americanos was created to share with your family and friends as a source on stories they may never see on the local news, or via the Hispanic or mainstream media.

Bienvenidos a United Americanos,

El camino hacia el éxito en los Estados Unidos es a través de la visión de los Conservadores Constitucionales que creen en el gobierno limitado como es debido por nuestros padres fundadores para asegurar la libertad individual y la mayor oportunidad. Esta visión incluye la reducción de impuestos, el capitalismo de libre mercado, la responsabilidad fiscal, la responsabilidad personal y una fuerte defensa nacional. United Americanos fue creado para compartir con su familia y amigos como una fuente de historias que rara vez se ven en las noticias locales, oa través de los medios de comunicación hispanos y medios convencionales.


Que son Valores Conservadores?

Ted Cruz, Senador de Texas, va a hablar en el evento
Values Voter Summit

Vea el video: Valores de los Conservadores

Lo mejor de la semana · 22 – 28 de septiembre de 2014

En la sección “Lo mejor de la semana” destacamos todo lo destacable acaecido durante estos días para que Ud. le eche un vistazo a los tópicos de actualidad sin perderse el análisis profundo de importantes temas.


Eric Holder, el primer procurador

general de la historia en ser declarado en desacato por la Cámara de Representantes, sorprendió al mundo político cuando anunció que renuncia a su cargo, entrando en vigor cuando se confirme a su sucesor.


Café con Libertad · 10 de octubre de 2014

Nuestra particular ronda exploratoria de la actualidad con noticias y artículos muy interesantes que Ud. no se debe perder.


U.S. For Sale: Obama Lets China Gobble Up U.S. Energy

Oil And Politics: Beijing plays the debt card as the Obama administration quietly lets China acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas resources across the U.S. at the same time it blocks the Keystone pipeline.

Normally, foreign investment in the U.S. is to be welcomed. It creates jobs, boosts economic growth and promotes trade and exports.

But when that investor is an ambitious and increasingly belligerent China to whom we owe over a trillion dollars, eyebrows and concerns need to be raised.

Reversing a Bush administration policy, the Obama administration is encouraging Beijing to acquire equity interests in U.S. energy. In 2005, the Bush administration blocked China on grounds of national security from buying California-based Unocal Corp. for $18.4 billion.

That was then, and this is now.


Second-Generation Hispanics More Conservative than Immigrants

Based on a Gallup poll that found President Barack Obama with a 66 percent to 25 percent lead over Mitt Romney among Hispanics, liberals prematurely celebrated not only winning the Hispanic vote this election year by wide margins but winning the Hispanic vote for generations to lock in a so-called permanent liberal majority.

Not so fast.


 We The People Longview Boletin Octubre 2014
We The People-Longview
Upcoming Events

We The People-Longview
Annual Tea Party Event!

Saturday, October 18TH
11:00 a.m.

Gregg County Courthouse Lawn
101 E. Methvin Street

Reverend Rafael Cruz, Father of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

 We The People Longview Boletin Octubre 2014

Rafael Cruz is a powerful example of the American Dream. Born in Cuba, Rafael lived and suffered under a cruel, oppressive dictator. He began fighting Batista’s regime as a teenager and was imprisoned and tortured for his role in that fight.

Rafael arrived in Texas on a student visa in 1957 with nothing but the clothes on his back and one hundred dollars sewn into his underwear. He got a job as a dishwasher, making 50 cents an hour, and worked his way through the University of Texas, while learning English. He later built a small business in further pursuit of the American Dream.

Today, Pastor Cruz is an ordained minister, sharing the Word of God in churches and Pastors’ Conferences throughout the United States. As he travels the country sharing his story and speaking on the Biblical foundations of our nation, it is his passion to encourage Christians in what can be done to return our nation to the principles that made America exceptional.


November Monthly Meeting
Monday, November 3rd
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Longview First Church of the Nazarene
2601 H.G. Mosley Pkwy., Longview

Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army (ret.)
Professor of Law & Director, Center for Terrorism Law
St. Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio

TOPIC: Radical Islam and the Threat to America



Heritage Libertad

United Americanos

Amigos de Patriots

Latino Fox News

Latinos Ready to Vote

9-8-2014 Meeting: Guest Speakers Jeff Austin, III with TxDot & Tx. Sen. Robert Nichols – Topic Texas Const. Amendment on Highway Funding