About Us

ONLY designated spokespersons are authorized to speak on behalf of We The People-Longview with media & at special events.

Designated Spokespersons are Executive Board Members Art Clendenin, Jeremiah Hunter Dr. Keith Rothra, Jeri Vaughan, Gary Whitehorn.

We The People-Longview Mission Statement

Our group is dedicated to the advancement of conservative Christian values that were the basis of the founding of our country. Our goal is to educate voters by providing full, accurate, and truthful information on current government-related issues. Our intent and purpose does not include making endorsements of any particular candidate.

Our group’s guiding principles will be based on the United States Constitution and core values emanating from our Christian faith. We will look to hold elected officials accountable for their words and actions, comparing what they say to what they do.

Brief History

The We The People of Longview group was started in early May 2009 by Cindy Schwartz. Cindy started this group out of a deep concern for America’s future. The Schwartz’s held meetings in July and August 2009 in their home, then one in August at the Greggton Community Center. We outgrew the Greggton Center after our first meeting there, and we now meet each month at the Longview First Church of The Nazarene, 2601 H.G. Mosley Pkwy. in Longview.

Cindy and Mike have no prior political experience. They are learning as our grassroots group grows. They are average American citizens working to bring the country back to the ideals of the founding fathers.

Our group is not affiliated with any political party. It is an independent grassroots organization of like-minded conservative people who are concerned about the future of our country. As of August 2011 we have over 1500 registered members in our group.

We The People sponsored and organized the September 2009 “Have You Forgotten?” Remembrance Rally on the Gregg County Courthouse lawn. We intend to continue to sponsor and organize future events as an outlet to get our message to the public.

Meetings and Other Information

Our groups holds monthly meetings to discuss current issues and to provide information about pending legislation.  We have one Annual Tea Party each year to help grow our membership. Key speakers usually include our elected officials and speakers from various conservative organizations. Information on our monthly meetings and upcoming events can be found at our  Event Calendar page. Other events in the East Texas area can also be found there.

2 comments to About Us

  • John McIntyre

    Please help me stop the obmanite federal judicial nominees to the Marshall,Texarkana and Beaumont Federal Benches.Lloyd Doggett of Austin has three handpicked nominees and if you google Cornyn agrees with Doggett you will find it easily.If you google East Texas National Bank FDIC takes over bank in Marshall in 1999 you will find Rodney Gilstrap as the attorney and member of the Board.Bank Fraud was alleged and the FBI target letter is obtainable.Doggett you recall came to Longview to open the Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual Transgender Democrat group with the Dancing Leprechaun that ran for state office.Longview News Journa archiives has the Doggett trip to Longview.We know obamanite nominees are Pro Abortion,Homosexual marriage,against the Ten Commandments and Prayer in Public Schools.Sessions of Alabama can deman a cloture vote and stop all these nominees that Cornyn,Doggett and Hutchison have approved.God Bless America,Texas and the USConstitution.Happy Memorial Day!Respectfully;John McIntyre


  • Pamela H. Bell

    So very thankful for Mike and Cindy Schwartz!!


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