The below Letter to The Editor was published in the Longview News Journal on March 7, 2017.

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I’ve noticed a lot of chatter in the lame steam news media and on Facebook lately about having or not having town hall meetings.  The worse of this seems to be directed towards our East Texas US Congressional rep Louie Gohmert.  It comes from the same ol die hard liberals in Washington, DC –  this is now their cause de jour.

Louie has decided to not hold town hall meetings for the near future.  He says this is due to the almost guaranteed hostility, disrespect, and probable violence that the newly created “Trump-a-phobes” would be responsible for at any of his town hall meetings.  Balderdash you say?  Let’s take a look at the facts and see what the truth is.

The new “Trump-a-phobes” are now being directed by the old Bernie Sanders Socialist people in a group called “Indivisible”.  They are just another of the George Soros bought and paid for agitators.  This group has a “activist guide” on their website on how to act at a town hall meeting.  It does not say to be violent, but wink wink I think you get the message.  I base this on the past performance of past liberal George Soros funded groups – Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, violent college protests, etc.  They were all funded and organized by radical liberals and have violence, intimidation, and disregard of the law in common.

Remember the chants of the Black Lives Matter group – “Kill the Cops – Fry them like bacon.  What do we want?  Dead Cops.  When do we want that?  NOW”.  How about the riots, burnt out buildings, and assaults on the Police with the Occupy retreads?  Did you also miss the riots, trashed out businesses, and assaults on anyone with a Trump hat on the nations college campuses?  All done by the radical liberal left.  Pretty impressive record IF you are looking to terrorize people and use violence to get what you demand.

It would be a good thing if this “Indivisible” group was non- violent and respected the law – like the Tea Party did over the last 7 years.  Then a town hall meeting would have some hard questions for reps like Louie, but without expectations of violence and intimidation that the radical liberal groups have as their calling card in the past.  I will say that the local Longview area liberals, in my opinion and to their credit, do not fit into this “Indivisible” type of behavior.  However, a Louie Gohmert town hall meeting would bring outside radicals a running to cause havoc and probable violence.  To look at their record and think otherwise would be extremely naive. Louie is not going to put his constituents in this kind of peril.

The over 75% to 80% of East Texans who voted for Louie Gohmert say “Thank You Louie” for keeping our safety as your #1 priority.  You get almost 80% of the East Texas area vote FOR A REASON!

Michael Schwartz – Longview

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