Mike Lee Joins Race For Texas Senate District 1


Press Release December 11, 2015

Mike Lee, retired Navy Hovercraft Pilot, announced that he has filed to become a candidate for Texas Senate District 1. A twenty-year veteran of the United States Navy, Mike served in many capacities during his tenure. Whether serving as a Navy Drill instructor training recruits, a naval corrections officer or in his final assignment as one of twelve Hovercraft (LCAC) pilots in the world, Mike cites his time in the military as an educational and motivating period of his life. “I served at the deck plate level, boots on the ground. If a mistake was made, people died! Mistakes weren’t an option.” Mike goes on to say,” I learned a great deal about effective leadership and saw first hand what happens when the upper brass brings politics into their decision-making. At the deck plate level, we made decisions with no nonsense.” Mike and his wife Tracy own and operate Queen City Funeral Home in Queen City, Texas. They openly admit that Mike spends most of his time traveling northeast Texas speaking in support of family values and our Constitution at his own expense. “I do this on my own time with my own funds because I am committed to the success of East Texas and its people.”

Mike cites his reasons for running, “I’m just a normal guy who understands the values and needs of East Texas families. I am honest in business, in life, and in politics. I put the welfare of others before my own. I did it in the military and I continue to do it now. I think they call that integrity!” He continues, “I was asked to run by many people who feel that the status quo is no longer satisfactory. If you keep voting in the same people, you keep getting the same political results. My supporters and I are tired of mediocre politicians and their mediocre results.”

When asked to comment, Tracy states, “If elected, Mike’s accomplishments in the military and successes as a business owner will bring fresh leadership and a no nonsense approach of getting things done in Austin. The people of East Texas will see things happen, not just hope for it.”

(Mike Lee along with Bryan Hughes, David Simpson and James K. “Red” Brown have all been confirmed to attend the debate co-hosted by We The People-Longview Tea Party and East Texans for Liberty on Monday February 1, 2016.)

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