Head of EPA: Obama’s Clean Power Plan will hit low-income minorities hardest, but they’ll get ‘incredible savings’ by 2030

**Written by Doug Powers
August 20, 2015

Barack Obama admitted in 2008 that energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket” after his war on coal commenced, but what he didn’t share for obvious political reasons was who would feel the pinch the most. EPA chief Gina McCarthy, still reeking of Animas River pollution, had more details the Dems would rather remain swept under the rug until next year’s election is over:

When speaking about the higher energy prices caused by the administration’s climate regulations on power plants, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said, “We know that low-income minority communities would be hardest hit.”

But low income Americans can rest easy, because just prior to that, McCarthy claimed that because of the new regs the increased energy price “tapers off to incredible savings by 2030?:

 In other words, “your energy bill will heal itself after another mess we’re about to cause.”

The “future huge savings” dangling carrot is an eco-friendly hologram. And even if somebody were to catch up to that carrot, they’d find that the price of carrots will have also at least doubled thanks to these efforts to “save the planet.”


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