Jesus Would Cry

February 23, 2015

I just read the article in the Saturday LNJ about the liberal Democrats stance on the Federal judge’s stay of Obama’s latest unconstitutional amnesty power grab. The liberals overall statements were the typical tripe of half-truths and distortions. What really got my attention were comments from Jose Sanchez about how “Jesus” would weigh in on this situation.

Here’s a condensed version of what Mr. Sanchez said: Jesus would NOT be cheering as children are broken up from their families. Jesus would also NOT be cheering as these illegal immigrants are sent back to the country they came from. All of this would make Jesus sad and his sadness would all be due to Conservatives and Republicans upholding the American immigration laws.

Well Mr. Sanchez – lets also ask if Jesus would be cheering the liberal Democrat Party’s absolute dedication to killing millions upon millions of completely innocent unborn babies here in America. Would Jesus also be cheering the liberal Democrat support for the gay group MAMBLA to be allowed to have sexual relations with children of any age? How loud would Jesus be cheering for the darlings of the liberal Democrat crowd – Occupy Wall Street? These people rioted in cities, looted stores, fought with Police, and tolerated rape in their “occupy” camps.

No, Mr. Sanchez, Jesus would be crying over these liberal Democrat core beliefs and activities. He would look upon the people that would do these activities and pray feverishly for their conversion and redemption. Jesus would not be party to being involved in a kings ruling and the people’s attempt to overthrow this unconstitutional ruling. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”.

If you find that these words sting in your heart, remember that you first broached the subject of how Jesus would react to Conservative beliefs on immigration. I also just asked if Jesus would be cheering based on the core beliefs of your liberal Democratic Party. The answer was incredibly obvious. The hypocrisy overwhelming. The shame and guilt self-inflicted.
Michael J. Schwartz
Longview, TX

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