Conservatives vs. Yes Men

February 7, 2015

I read the Forum article from John Coppedge about how veteran House Representatives Simpson and Hughes were recently left out in the cold for the “plum” Texas House committees and chairmanships. It seems that the area rookie reps Chris Pattie Travis Clardy did get numerous “plum” committee appointments. Simpson and Hughes did not vote for Straus as Speaker and the other two did. Speaker of the House Joe Straus then made these committee selections.

Mr. Coppedge implies that those that DID vote for “King Straus” got the “plums” and those that did NOT got the shaft. He further implies that you have failed your constituents if you did not do what was needed to get the powerful committees and chairmanships.

Here are some facts that shed a different light on this way of thinking. Joe Straus was elected in 2009 by 65 Democrats and 11 Republicans. The majority of Republicans in 2009 did not want him as speaker. He has since ruled the House with an iron fist and is no friend to the conservative movement in Texas. He has squashed a majority of the conservative agenda in the House while Speaker. He plays a dirty political game as Speaker and rewards his cronies who serve at his feet.

There is a scorecard on the voting record of Texas House members put out by 3 major conservative groups in Texas – Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Young Conservatives of Texas, and Eagle Forum. All are long time top-notch conservative groups. Straus has an average mark of 42, Clardy has a mark of 48, and Paddie has a mark of 53. All are F- grades on any report card. Hughes has an 87 and Simpson has a 92. Who do you think are the conservatives in this group?

It is easy to see why two Reps got the “plums” and two Reps got the shaft. Two are true conservatives who stand tall and vote truly conservative when the rubber meets the road. The other two are “yes men” for a speaker that has a F- conservative voting record and is still beholden to the liberal Democrats that elected him 6 years ago. He also keeps the House RINO Republicans in line with the big stick of his speaker’s money and influence.

It takes a true conservative to stand up and be counted in Austin. These qualities are not needed in a “yes” man who bows to the King on the throne. Sending “yes” men to Austin that flunk miserably on a conservative voting scorecard is what got this country in the shape it is in now. Representatives Hughes and Simpson deserve to be recognized for the true patriotic conservatives they are.
Michael Schwartz
Longview, TX

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