Letter to the Longview News Journal Editor

This letter has been submitted to Longview News Journal to be be published in the Letter to the Editor section. As of June 30, 2014 it has not been published.

An Eye Opening Experience

A recent letter to the editor from a Jerry King, O.D. of Longview lamented about his experience at the most recent Longview Tea Party monthly meeting. We appreciate his attending the meeting and hope that he learned something about the politics in Washington, DC and here in Texas. Apparently, that was not the case.

Mr. King believes churches should not allow politics to be spoken in the church. He needs to read the US Constitution. It requires that the Government not force a State religion on the citizens. Unfortunately, he has fallen into the liberal lie of this “separation”. The liberal news media simply perpetuates this lie.

He also looks to believe in man made global warming. I would like to believe in it too, but I must have missed the intense debate on global warming with all the evidence on both sides fully presented for open and honest debate. Maybe a liberal can help Mr. King point me in the right direction so I can watch and evaluate the months long debate. There was no debate on global warming? Could it be just another liberal lie?

Another big point was about spending for increased defense and to help seal the border. Should not Tea Party conservatives be all for reducing the size of government spending? Good point until you lift the fog of the liberal glasses the news media has you wear. If having millions of illegal immigrants streaming across our border was good for our economy, why not just fling the border wide open and welcome all peoples of Mexico and Central America to the USA? Spending some money to fix a large broken water pipe in your house makes more sense than paying for water damage that never stops to accumulate.

Lastly, Dr. King tosses in the Iraq situation. We can agree that Iraq is a mess. He should also agree that Iraq was a reasonably stable place when Obama took over 6 years ago. It is a migrated disaster right now. The difference – Obama and his typical liberal policies.

We would like to invite Dr. King back to more Tea Party monthly meetings. Maybe with some more facts and information on the world of politics he will look past the fog of liberalism. After all, even an optometrist can be blinded from the truth if the eyes cannot or will not see.

Michael Schwartz
Co-Founder Longview Tea Party

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