Letter to the Longview News Journal Editor

This letter has been submitted to Longview News Journal to be be published in the Letter to the Editor section. As of June 30, 2014 it has not been published.

The Founders Worst Nightmares

The group of men who founded this country and signed the Declaration of Independence had a very real fear of a future President that would do great harm to America. Their worst nightmare has come true with the current occupant of the White House – Barak Obama and his horde of Liberal Democrat henchmen.

Consider the scandals, cover-ups, government intimidation, outright deceit and lies, failed economic programs, and terrible foreign policy decisions that are the hallmark of the Obama years. Need some examples?

$1000 Billion dollars blown on useless stimulus programs, capitulation on Syria, spying on US citizens and foreign leaders, a disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, Putin laughing at Obama as a weakling, IRS intimidation of Conservative groups and the famous “lost” E mails and hard drives, Russia seizing Crimea and parts of the Ukraine, American vets denied treatment while Obama plays golf, less than 1% growth in the economy, lowest number of people in the workforce in 60 years, Afghanistan going down the tubes, Iraq already there with the ISES terrorists taking control, highest number of Americans on food stamps in 60+ years, much higher gas and food prices, huge deficit spending and a global warming hoax that will drive all prices much higher. Do you REALLY need ANY more examples of Obama’s attempted destruction of this country?

A President like Obama is what the Founding Fathers considered their worst nightmare. Their second worst nightmare was a news media that would purposely cover up the failures of an inept President like this and allow it to continue. The last nightmare they had was that the American people would be too uninterested in the failures of their leader and simply not hold him accountable. A triple nightmare that would have our Founding Fathers spinning like a top in their graves.
Michael Schwartz



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