Big Business vs. The Tea Party

Today’s headline in the Dallas Morning News says it all: “Texas business groups ally to counter tea party influence in GOP primaries.” Ironic, since the tea party arose to counter those establishment groups working to undermine our economy and liberty!

This is exactly the same thing happening right now in DC, with big-government “business” groups seeking to undermine the popular work of reform-minded senators like Ted Cruz. It’s just that rather being a story on Fox News about distant happenings in liberal Washington, it’s playing out right here at home.

The fight isn’t “there,” it’s here. Are you ready?

These “business groups” are the people who feed from the government trough, and worry that their rent-seeking ways are being revealed. As we had previously reported about this “Texas Future Business Alliance,” they’re going to be engaging in elections and hiding their true goals.

They are calling what the Wall Street Journal identified as a 25 percent increase in state spending “conservative.” The legislators they are protecting as “conservatives” are the ones who every single conservative group — and even a series of non-partisan studies of the Texas House and Senate from Rice University — show to be the most liberal of Republicans!

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