The Energy Information Administration released figures on the ten top natural gas producing states and the big news is: 1) Texas is still #1; 2) Pennsylvania is moving up fast; 3) West Virginia isn’t doing badly, and 4) the biggest decline is in federal offshore production.

Texas still blows everybody away, producing over 7 trillion cubic feet in 2012 and actually pushing up production by 5 percent.

Pennsylvania is moving up fast, increasing production an incredible 72 percent and moving firmly into 3rd place. The EIA says it expects the Keystone State to pass Louisiana for 2nd place this year – an extraordinary achievement since Texas and Louisiana have been the workhorses of the nation since the 1940s.

West Virginia is making progress. Although the state only holds 10th place, it increased production 37 percent last year, giving hope that gas production may take up some slack for the state’s collapsing coal industry.

Finally, the biggest drop – 17 percent – was in offshore production on federal lands. This makes almost laughable President Obama’s taking credit for the big burst in the nation’s gas output. All the trends on federal land, both offshore and in the West, have been downward. But then what are politicians do for a living except claim credit for other people’s accomplishments?

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