Common Core in Texas!

This week educators from across the state of Texas will be attending more progressive training in Gaylord, Texas at taxpayers expense. Not only will we be paying  conference fees but attendees hotel and meals as well. Learning Forward is one of many progressive educational promoting entities across the country with  groups represented in various states. Texas is home to one of the groups. Its board members are employees of various Texas ISD’s. You can go to twitter and use #learnfwd13 and find all kind of info in relation to the progressive conference.

One of the most progressive educators across the Country is Humanist Linda Darling Hammond. Hammond has been behind the implementation of Common Core across the country and is associated with Terrorist Bill Ayers. Hammond has also signed the Humanist TEN COMMANDMENTS: GUIDING PRINCIPALS FOR TEACHING VALUES IN AMERICA’S PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  Hammond will speaking at this conference educating Texas administrators and teachers and some students.

common core training

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