Insurance Company’s will be required to ‘Share Wealth’

Old Honey Pot

Obamacare Has A Honey Pot To Buy Insurance Company Support, And Obama Will Need It

After his Obamacare apology tour press conference last Thursday, President Obama summoned 15 insurance company executives to the White House the next day hoping to persuade them to pick up the pieces of his tattered health care law that just a month ago he claimed was good insurance (it was just the website that was a problem, you see).

Meanwhile, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is the agency responsible for implementing both the website and Obamacare, released a letter to all 50 of the state insurance commissioners, who oversee insurance within their respective state, explaining in a little more detail (just over two pages) what the president really meant. (Washington, DC, had a commissioner, but he was fired within 24 hours of criticizing the president’s proposal.)

The most interesting part of the letter is the last paragraph, which essentially says, “Stick with us here and we’ll be funneling you the big bucks.”

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