Playing Politics With Our Military

Sadly many of the cuts due to the government shutdown have been to our Military. The WWII memorial (mostly paid for by private funding) was barricaded off to prevent the Honor Flight WWII Veterans from visiting – most of them were visiting for the first time. And yet, the mall was open for an immigration rally with hundreds of illegal immigrants in attendance. Twenty six of our Fallen Heroes’ families have been denied death benefits; 3.8 million Disabled Vets could be denied benefits in November if the shut down continues. Satellite for our overseas military to watch NFL football has been canceled, military commissaries were closed. And the list goes on and on.  You can’t tell me that Obama, the Commander in Chief, was not aware of all this. Only after it was brought to the attention of the American people did he make attempts to correct some of these situations.  It is a disgrace to punish these men and women who fight to protect this country. Some will be killed in action, some will return with serious injuries. Is this the United States of America?

 To the people who voted for Obama and the liberals – are you proud of the intentional hurt and suffering they are inflicting on our military?

 To the men and women in our Armed Forces and to the families of our Fallen Heroes I salute you and thank you for everything you have done to protect our country.

 Cindy Schwartz

Longview, Texas

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