If Texas goes blue, boys shower with girls

Editorial by Michael Schwartz – Longview News Journal, October 19, 2013

The way liberals think is difficult to understand on a good day. Sometimes the true liberal philosophy just can’t be restrained and bursts out for all to see. As a perfect example of this, I give you California state law AB 1266. This law was sponsored and voted into law by the liberal California Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

The law mandates California schools to participate in “sex-segregated programs, activities, and facilities” in public schools based on a student’s gender identity. It takes effect Jan. 1.

Allow me to explain what this law means in plain Texas English. From grades K-12, if you are a boy who says you think you are a girl, then you are treated by the school as a girl. You can use all of the female facilities. You can follow a 3rd-grade or 12th-grade girl into the girl’s bathroom. You can shower with the girls from grade school on up to senior year in high school. Any boy who says he’s a girl can now play on the girl’s sports teams (showers after practices and games included too). To be fair, a female who says she’s a guy can then play football and shower with the football players too.

You read that right — any boy just needs to say he feels he’s a female and voila — instant access to the girl’s bathrooms, showers and sports teams.

This also works the other way around if some females want to check out the guys.

The ACLU and pro-homosexual groups support the new law. Who would have guessed that? I would have to assume that the NAACP and the California teachers union would also support this law. After all, these groups are 100 percent behind the Democrats so they must be happy with this new law.

Religious groups and other conservative grassroots groups are outraged. They are then labeled as homophobes, racists, and bigoted for their opinions. These conservative groups want to overturn the law but were told by the California liberal courts that they will need to wait until “someone is harmed” to file suit. Only liberals would allow young kindergarten-age girls to be molested before they are forced to defend their insane law.

If you think your children are safe here in Texas, you are sadly mistaken. Liberals are the same everywhere. Here in Texas, the liberal Democrats are making a big push to make Texas a Democrat-run state just like California. Your daughters or granddaughters will be the next to be forced to share showers with boys who say they think they are girls. Make no mistake; it will happen when the liberals run the show.

Your only hope is to be involved in your local conservative grass roots groups or tea party if you want to stop this from happening here in Texas. Don’t be involved and your children will pay the price when the Democrats take over. They have shown you what they are going to do when they have power. It’s your choice.

— Michael J. Schwartz is a Longview resident and occasional contributor to the Saturday Forum.

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