A Good Man…

I was thinking about how hard Louie Gohmert is working for us in Washington, DC.  I had forgotten what a good man Louie really is.

Louie stands up for our rights not to be trampled on by a radical liberal Obama government that is heck bent to take away our guns, read our E mails, and listen to our phone conversations.

Louie has our Christian values.  He understands the evil of abortion.  He knows the power of prayer and what a belief in a loving God can do for a person.  Louie is a good and honest man that can take the barbs of the lies and distortions the liberals love to throw out his way.

Louie has the vision to see the radical Muslim influence on the Democrats in power in Washington, DC.  He is willing to speak up about this danger while the liberal attempt to hide it behind their media smoke screens.

East Texas is truly blessed to have a good man like Louie represent us.  He shows the Washington, DC elite liberals what good ol East Texas conservative values are like.  The liberal take to these values like the Land of Oz wicket witch of the West took to a bucket of water.

Cindy Schwartz, Longview, Texas

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