Another Great Editorial…


I’ve seen a lot of malicious comments lately in the LNJ editorial section about Louie Gohmert.  The most recent was a classic piece of hatchet journalism published on Saturday June 8th.  This diatribe was right out of the “Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals” handbook.  Saul would have been proud after reading the article.

It appears that the Liberals here in East Texas (especially at Letourneau College and in Cartage) are just outraged at Louie.  What else is new?  The outrage appears to be based on Louie’s courage to speak out on the very real problem of Al-Qaida terrorists being trained to sneak into the US disguised as Hispanics.

It appears this really cranks the tractors of the liberals.  Can you imagine Al-Qaida being unhappy with America with Obama as President?  Would they even consider sneaking across an open border blending in with all of the other illegal immigrants?  With Obama in charge, I thought he was turning America towards the Islam way of thinking.  Do the Al-Qaida people not watch CNN and MSNBC to realize this?

Seems that Louie was to give the Letourneau College commencement address this past month.  A couple of current student liberals, along with about 0.0002% of the Letourneau graduates (and 1 Panola County Democrat Party VP), had a problem with this address.  They made sure they said all the right lies and half-truths recommended in their idol Saul Alinsky’s handbook.  From what I read, they covered almost all of their favorite tactics of half-truths, misinterpretation, and general baseless accusations.  Karl Marx would have appreciated their effort.

The libs also did not miss an opportunity to drag up a “dust-up” with the parking ticket thing in April.  Seems Louie got sideways with a Capitol Police officer over a parking space.  Can you EVEN imagine that a DC police officer might be a committed Democrat in a district that is 95% liberal Democrat?  What would be the chances that he would want to do a little “Alinsky” work on his own with a parking ticket?  Personally, I would find it almost impossible that radical liberals would even begin to think along these lines.  Your Obama government would also NEVER spy on your phone calls or E-mails either – right?

The real reason that the East Texas radical liberals just despise Louie is that he’s a good man that is willing to speak truth to power.  Obama and the liberals have declared Al-Qaida dead.  The liberals are spending our country and children into financial slavery.  They want to strip our country and children of any Christian values in our society and schools.  They want to come and take your guns – 2nd Amendment be dammed.  They will use the IRS to target Tea Party and Christian groups while embracing anti family and radical liberal groups.  They cannot get their way while Louie Gohmert has a say about it in the US Congress.

If you like your religious freedoms, your rights to own firearms, lower taxes and less spending, small government, and honesty about Al-Qaida terror threats then Louie is your man.  If you want the world according to Saul Alinsky, then vote Liberal Democrat.  The choice could not be starker.  Choose well, for your children and grand children will pay the price of your choice.

Michael Schwartz

Longview, TX

June 8, 2013

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