Religious Censorship Taking Place at Houston National Cemetery.

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  • Sybylannie Mouse-Rose

    The congressman contradicted himself multiple times. That the Honor Guard did not want to ask the widow again what ceremony she wanted is not actually preventing anyone from having the ceremony. That the cemetery director wanted to be sure that the family had indeed and with foreknowledge asked for that particular ceremony shows an understanding of the nature of the men & women currently serving in our military that Congressman Culbertson is denying. There are atheists,  Jews & Muslims serving in our military, giving their lives for our freedoms, and being laid to rest in our VA cemeteries. It is not outside the realm of possibility that one of them could be laid to rest with a grieving family that was not aware that the ceremony in question had as many references to “God” (Not Yahweh, Elohim, or Allah) as it does. They may not have any idea of what the ceremony contains. It is only polite to verify with the family (not necessarily the widow/widower) that the ceremony conforms to their beliefs. 


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