Not Enough Doctors? Too Many? Why States, Not Washington, Must Solve the Problem

The states are far better equipped than the federal government to address increasingly complex and serious health care workforce issues.  But by enacting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, Congress swells the costs and role of the federal government, while ignoring the critical role that states can — and should — play as a consequence of their existing oversight of key workforce areas, according to Roger E. Meyers, former dean and vice president of medical affairs at George Washington University.

The new health care law largely repeats the mistakes of the past: pursuing failed policies, while adding needlessly to federal spending, potentially deepening the budget deficit.  Congress is, once again, committing the states to unfunded and underfunded federal mandates.

Since 1981, projections of the health care workforce have been unreliable.  Continue reading from NCPA…

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