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All meetings are held at:
Longview First Church of The Nazarene
2601 H.G. Mosley Pkwy., Longview
7:00 p.m.

FEBRUARY 2, 2015

Keith Bonds, Assistant City Manager &
Richard Manley, City Councilman District 5
TOPIC: Longview Comprehensive Plan

The Longview Comprehensive Plan is a long-term strategic plan that will serve as our city’s roadmap to the future on issues such as transportation, parks, public safety, development, and much more. The purpose is to create a long-term vision that will help guide growth and change for the next 15 – 20 years. Beginning in November 2013, a diverse committee of community leaders and residents was formed to help guide the process. Read Longview’s Comprehensive Plan Draft Here.

These are YOUR tax dollars…know where you $$ is being spent!!!


Kimberly Fish, Founder of Go West Longview

Go West Longview is an economic development movement targeting west and northwest Longview. The revitalization of Go West Longview is timed with completion and fine-tuning of Longview’s Comprehensive Plan, a roadmap for development in all parts of the city for coming decades.
“We’re making sure west Longview is getting the attention it deserves as they do these long-range plans for the city,” said Kimberly Fish, Go West founder. “We represent three major gateways to the city, and all of them are in desperate need of attention.”

 MARCH 2, 2015

If you think this is not a local problem…think again.

Ms. Cosgrove is Christian freelance writer, author, workshop and retreat leader. She will be speaking to us at this meeting on HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Please visit her website, for a complete listing of her books, topics and more info on Human Trafficking.

April 6, 2015

Gohmert Upcoming Meeting Info

Results For Texas House Speaker Race


Joe Straus received 127 YES votes and 19 NO votes.

Below please find the true CONSERVATIVES who stood up against the Republican Establishment and voted for Scott Turner for Texas House Speaker.

CLICK HERE to view recorded vote.

Rep. Rodney Anderson, Dist 105
Rep. Dustin Burrows, Dist 83
Rep. Pat Fallon, Dist 106
Rep. Bryan Hughes, Dist 5
Rep. Mark Keough, Dist 15
Rep. Stephanie Klick, Dist 91
Rep. Matt Krause, Dist 93
Rep. Jeff Leach, Dist 67
Rep. Matt Rinaldi, Dist 115
Rep. Scott Sanford, Dist 70
Rep. Matt Schaefer, Dist 6
Rep. Matt Shaheen, Dist 66
Rep. David Simpson, Dist 7
Rep. Stuart Spitzer, Dist 4
Rep. Jonathan Stickland, Dist 92
Rep. Tony Tinderholt, Dist 94
Rep. Scott Turner, Dist 33
Rep. Molly White, District 55
Rep. Bill Zedler, Dist 96


Please take a moment to call our local representatives and thank them for standing up and voting for Rep. Scott Turner. Click on each for contact information:

State Representative David Simpson, District 7
State Representative Bryan Hughes, District 5
State Representative Matt Schaefer, District 6


capitolbuilding5 jpg 312x1000 q100 300x200 Results For Texas House Speaker Race






It’s Opening Day for the 84th Legislature

It takes a few weeks to get a legislative session rolling at full speed, but with Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s first official act out of the way, the 84th Legislature is ready to roll.

Tuesday, the official start of the 84th Legislature, starts with oaths — the kind the kids can listen to — as members of the House and Senate are sworn into office. (The oaths the kids can’t listen to usually come later in the 20-week session.) That is the second set piece, with families and friends in attendance and in the galleries above the House and Senate floors.

The comptroller has delivered the biennial revenue estimate that tells lawmakers how much money they will have to spend during the two years starting next September. That’s the outer limit for the lawmakers who will write a budget during the legislative session.

Continue reading from The Texas Tribune…




7:25 Mike’s Corner Pt. 2

7:27 Tx State Rep. David Simpson

7:33 Tx State Rep. David Simpson

7:43 Tx State Rep. David Simpson

7:51 Tx State Rep. David Simpson

7:51 Tx State Rep. David Simpson

8:01 Tx State Rep. David Simpson

8:16 Tx State Rep. David Simpson

8:24 Q&A with David Simpson

We The People- Longview January 2015 Meeting

We The People-Longview January Monthly Meeting
Monday, January 5, 2015
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Longview First Church of The Nazarene
2601 H.G. Mosley Pkwy., Longview

David 300x111 We The People  Longview January 2015 Meeting

TOPIC:  Upcoming 2015 Texas Legislative Session



(Many thanks to Don Shipe & David Wylie from Common Sense Citizens for their hard work in compiling this report)
CLICK HERE for the complete 2013 Conservative Index for the Texas House Committee Appointments 2009 – 2014. Scroll down to page 3 in this document to review Texas Senate Conservative Index (Committee Appointments).***
Brief review:

Under Speaker Joe Straus** the overall conservative ratings are as follows for Committee Appointees:
> 2009 – 61%
> 2011 – 65%
> 2013 – 39%
**The Speaker of the Texas House is responsible for all Committee Appointments
***The Lt. Governor of Texas is responsible for all Committee Appointments

Top 2013 20 Conservative All Stars:

1.  Jonathan Strickland, District 92  Conservative Rating:  99
2.  Matt Krause, District 93  Conservative Rating: 98
3.  Matt Schaefer, District 6  Conservative Rating: 98
4.  Scott Turner, District 33  Conservative Rating:  97**
5.  Bill Zedler, District 96  Conservative Rating:  95
6.  Pat Fallon, District 106  Conservative Rating:  95
7.  Stephanie Klick, District 91  Conservative Rating:  93
8.  Scott Sanford, District 70  Conservative Rating:  93
9.  David Simpson, District 7  Conservative Rating:  92
10. Jeff Leach, District 67 Conservative Rating:  92
11. Bryan Hughes, District 5  Conservative Rating:  87
12. Jason Isaac, District 45  Conservative Rating:  82
13. Jodie Laubenberg, District 89  Conservative Rating:  80
14. Craig Goldman, District 97  Conservative Rating:  78
15. Giovanni Capriglione, District 98  Conservative Rating:  78
16. Drew Springer, District 68  Conservative Rating:  77
17. Dan Flynn, District 2 Conservative Rating:  74
18. Tim Kleinschmidt, District 17  Conservative Rating:  73
19. Phil King, District 61  Conservative Rating:  73
10. James White, District 19  Conservative Rating:  72

Other ratings for local Representatives:
Chris Paddie, District 9 (Marshall area)  Conservative Rating:  53
Travis Clardy, District 11 (Nacogdoches area)  Conservative Rating:  46

**Scott Turner is currently challenging Joe Straus for Texas House Speaker.


Here is some good information from Empower Texans,
The Straus Record




Help Clean Up Austin!

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Grassroots America is Leading the Texas Conservative Revolution! 
Executive Director JoAnn Fleming is a Founding Member of Clean Up Austin

The Clean Up Austin Legislative Action Plan is the creation of a coalition of grassroots activists and non-partisan organizations, promoting the crowd-sourced views of thousands of Texans around the state. The mission of our Action Plan is to eliminate special favors found in the tax code and in government spending and to diminish special interests in the hallways of power. In other words, we intend to rip the “For Sale” sign off our state Capitol and put state government back on the side of We the People.

Our Action Plan:

  1. Defund the Slush Funds: Immediately defund the Enterprise Fund, Emerging Technology Fund, and the Major Events Trust Funds (includes millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for sports venues and Formula One racing).
  2. Eliminate the Chapter 313 Property Tax Rebate Program: Eliminate this $3 billion-plus property tax rebate program that provides 95% tax exemptions for only a handful of entities.
  3. Sunset Tax Preferences: Identify each state and local tax preference authorized by state law and create a schedule under which they will be reviewed every six years.
  4. Strengthen Disclosure Requirements: Require lawmakers to report all contracts they, their spouses, or their close relatives have with any government entities, and require lawmakers to report if they or any close family members have more than 50% ownership in a business that has a contract with such a government entity.
  5. Increase Pension Transparency: Decouple pensions of lawmakers and statewide officeholders from the salaries of state district court judges.
The Clean Up Austin Legislative Action Plan will expose cronyism and press for final passage this upcoming legislative session for each of the items in the plan. To succeed, we must build the largest coalition possible and get the support of as many elected House members and Senators as we can. You can help us succeed!
What you can do:
1.  Please contact your state House Representative and Senator; ask them to go to to sign the Clean Up Austin Legislative Action Plan directly on the site. To find your state Senator’s and Representative’s contact information, click here:
 2.  Share the Clean Up Austin website with your friends, colleagues, and family members who want to clean up government. The cronies in the State Capitol oppose good government, and they will use their power, money, and influence to do whatever it takes to stop the Clean Up Austin initiative! With your help, we can build the largest and most powerful coalition possible to expose and defeat such entrenched and powerful interests.
3.  Finally, please make a donation today to Grassroots America. We need to raise $7,000 right away to help our Executive Director JoAnn Fleming cover her travel to Austin and her hotel costs Austin from January through the end of May when the regular legislative session ends. She will fight tirelessly again this session to pass conservative reforms and kill bad bills. JoAnn is recognized across the state as a strong champion for liberty. She is a full-time volunteer and gets no salary to do this valuable work. Please send what you can today to help us help her stay in the fight! Click here to find how you can make a secure donation online or where you can mail your check:

Louie Gohmert Votes “NO” on Bill He Co-Sponsored…

U.S. House Representative Louie Gohmert votes “NO” on bill HR5759 which he co-sponsored
WATCH VIDEO BELOW of Rep. Louie Gohmert on the House Floor explaining why he had to vote against HR5759.

The immigration bill that the House passed yesterday would nullify Obama’s executive action on immigration, but it was criticized by many Republicans because it’s a bill the Senate doesn’t have to take up, and in fact, the Senate will not consider it. Many Republicans are still hoping that the House takes up a must-pass spending bill next week that prevents the administration from implementing Obama’s immigration plan.

But Republicans like Gohmert were also critical of the substance of the bill. Gohmert noted that the bill was re-written in the House Rules Committee to say the president cannot exempt whole classes of people from immigration laws, except if there are “humanitarian purposes where the aliens are at imminent risk of serious bodily harm or death.”

Gohmert said he cosponsored the original bill, but that he could not support this change. He said the exception language might even be used by Obama to justify Obama’s recent action if it ever became law.

“The bill that I was willing to cosponsor completely changed in the addition of that exception,” he said.


Louie Gohmert says GOP leaders abused House procedures to quickly pass flawed defense, immigration bills
Read more here…


An Important Message for Battleground Texas…

Dont Mess With Texas An Important Message for Battleground Texas...
Texas Is Getting Redder, Not Bluer

In a new op-ed in Rare, IPI’s Dr. Merrill Matthews writes:

Oops! It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Haven’t the media and liberal-pundits been assuring us that Texas was on an inevitable march to blue statedom? Now Texas voters go and make them out to be a bunch of liars.

Democrats and liberal donors apparently believed the blue-Texas dream so strongly that they have been pumping millions of dollars into Battleground Texas, an organization founded by Obama campaign alumni that carpetbagged into the Lone Star State last year.

Surely, the media hyperventilated, this would be the end of red Texas.

Or not.

Texas voters have elected the state’s most conservative slate of candidates yet, even with a growing Hispanic population.

The liberal narrative went like this: the Hispanic population in Texas is growing. It currently represents about 38 percent of the Texas population and is predicted to reach 43 percent in a decade. Hispanics tend to vote more Democratic, which means that Texas will turn purple and then blue within the relatively near future.

Here’s the problem with that scenario: The Texas Hispanic population has been growing for decades. In 1990 it was about 26 percent of the population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And yet in 1990, Democrats controlled the Texas House and Senate and most major statewide elected offices. And Democrat Ann Richards won the governor’s election that year, taking office in 1991.

Today, Hispanics make up 38 percent of the state and a Democrat cannot get elected statewide for love or money (and there is a lot of the latter). You’d think that if Hispanics were turning the state blue—or would in the near future—we’d see some evidence of it now.

Democrats ran what they thought was their dream team: State Sen. Wendy Davis, an articulate female with statewide name recognition who became the face of pro-choice Democrats, ran for the governor’s mansion. And State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, a well-respected Hispanic female, ran for the lieutenant governor’s position, which in Texas is considered the real power behind the (governor’s) throne.

Democrats went into those races arguing they had a good chance. Their story changed as the election got closer, saying that as long as their dream team lost by less than double digits, it would be a clear sign of Democratic ascendency. But the Dallas Morning News cited Democrats on election day saying that if they lost by double digits it would be a devastating blow to their hopes for takeover. Both candidates lost by 20 points.

And while both won the Hispanic vote, the Dallas Morning News says Davis fell short with both Hispanics and women. Abbott won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote.

As Texas political commentator Wayne Thorburn pointed out in Politico, Texas Hispanics assimilate, intermarry with whites—Abbott married a Hispanic—and move to the overwhelmingly red suburbs. Plus they get jobs and want to keep their taxes low, and they get older. All of those factors tend to change how people vote.

But what about the women’s vote? Didn’t they buy that GOP “war on women” screed? Cari L. Christman, writing for the Texas Insider, explains why Texas women are turning away from Democrats. She notes that, “Only 360,473 women voted in this year’s Democratic primary, a dramatic drop from the 1.5 million who voted in 2008.”

Of all the Democrats’ dashed dreams on election night, one of the biggest disappointments had to be Texas. They had boots on the ground, lots of money, a believable narrative, great candidates and big hopes for a blue future—and Texas got even redder.

TED CRUZ: The Era of Barack Obama’s Lawlessness Is Over!

After the historic Republican landslide on election night, no one had more reason to smile than Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Why? Because it wasn’t just Democrats attacking him for his unbending stance on Obamacare, which lead to a temporary government shutdown. Instead, it was the Republican Party establishment, as they were concerned about the immediate poll numbers during the shutdown which could have harmed Republicans for years.

They were wrong, and Ted Cruz was very, very right.

Watch (above) as Cruz gave an exciting speech in Austin, Texas this week to explain why – with Republicans in charge of the Senate – the “era of Obama’s lawlessness is over.”




Texas Elections, Office of the Secretary of State